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      TOP-LOCK? 中國區技術支持:0411-39587111

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      About us

      TOP-LOCK® China·About us

      TOP-LOCK®---SanKe Fastening Systems (Dalian) Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful city--Dalian, which city is located in the southern tip of liaodong peninsula, between the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, On the other side of Jiaodong peninsula,has pleasant climate,developed industry and convenient transportation. Because of its excellent geographical location, science and technology, information and logistics advantages,   provides advanced fastening system solutions for the rail transportation industry, the ship bridge, heavy machinery, industrial machinery, aerospace, wind power, nuclear power station and so on.

      We mainly engaged TOP - LOCK ® washers, Multi-jackbolt tensioners(superbolt) and  threaded inserts and some other fasteners. All staffs adhere to the "integrity-based, customer first" principle. On the basis of mutual trust and mutual benefit to develop a large market at home and abroad. Our products successfully passed the ISOTS16949, state key laboratory, ISO19001 international quality system certification, the ROHS environmental protection system certification.

      Thanks for the support of general customers and the joint efforts of all our staff, the company has developed rapidly.TOP - LOCK ® has got unanimous approval and favorable comment .

              In the future, we will always adhering to the "customer satisfaction" service tenet, advancing with the times, constantly improve the management level and the comprehensive quality of employees, Provide more quality products and perfect service for the overwhelming majority of customers .We sincerely hope to cooperate with people from all walks of life, common development and common progress to achieve a win-win situation!


      Contact us

      • TOP-LOCK?China:13555912998
      • East China,south China:0411-39587111-801
      • Central China,north China,northeast China:0411-39587111-0
      • Northwest and southwest:0411-39587111-802
      • Fax: 0411-39576222
      • Email:toplock@yeah.net
      • Email:sk@toplock.org
      • 點擊這里給我發消息871167878
      • 點擊這里給我發消息861512356
      • Http://www.koccrystal.com
      • Http://www.top-lock.cn
      • Head office address:, Dalian , liaoning province, China


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